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I've got a shirt with a fantastic polka-dot-like design on it. I bought it, knowing it wasn't quite the right fit, but I did it anyway. Over time, I realised my mistake but wanted to know if I could buy the fabric and have it custom made. The fabric was nowhere to be found, so looked into getting it made. When I discovered there are plenty of manufacturers / services out there that do small runs, I started to consider going a step further, what if I made my own patterns? After all, I had spent some time messing around with generatively coding out patterns for fun, maybe I could make my designs tangible?

Thing is, fabrication plus tailoring is probably going to cost, so I better do something nice. It was around this time I came across the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection via the Old Fruit Pictures bot on twitter, or maybe the article about the collection on OpenCulture (a fantastic site, btw).

Either way, I've always appreciated botanical illustration, and fancied having a few prints in my flat. It's a small place, and there isn't that much room to hang stuff up without it feeling cluttered. But hey, what if I used some of the images in my own shirt design? Magic. But there are over 7000 paintings! It'd be tough but doable to hand sort and decide on a design. The images are openly licenced, the dataset is easy to work with, thanks to a consistent ID system, so instead, I decided to take a shot at generating patterns algorithmically by selecting and arranging images.

Anyway, hope you enjoy x - @digitalWestie

a pear shirt

Take me to the shirt generator

another fruity shirt

Progress Notes

fabric tile image with fruit on it


I am super pleased. The detail is fantastic!

shirt result bw in package shirt result closeup shirt result closeup 2